The DEADLINE for booking the rooms with the special prices is OVER. Check all accommodation options.

We have reserved a block of 110 rooms at the venue hotel Sokos Palace Bridge (5*) and a block of 40 rooms at the Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky (4*) in 20 minutes walking distance (the special rates apply for bookings made until June 1st, 2013). Both of them are located on Vasilievsky island in the historical center of the city.

Although we expect most of the participants to stay at the Sokos hotels, there are other accommodation options in the city. Please note that July is high season due to the famous white nights, and thus, many hotels will be booked well in advance. If you book a hotel at the last moment, you may end up in a 3* hotel with a price higher than the negotiated price in the Sokos hotels.

Sokos Palace Bridge (CAV13 venue) and Sokos Vasilievsky

To book a room in one of these hotels, please fill in the form (given below) and send it via e-mail or fax directly to the hotel as indicated in the booking form:

  • Booking form for Sokos Palace Bridge (pdf), (doc),
  • Booking form for Sokos Vasilievsky (pdf), (doc).

Please note that the special rates are only valid for bookings made not later than June 1st, 2013. The special rates are valid only for the CAV13 participants and their travel companions; bookings by random site visitors who use the forms without connection to CAV13 will be contacted by email and cancelled .


Sokos hotels

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SOKOS Palace Bridge (CAV13 venue): 59.944476, 30.293692
SOKOS Vasilievsky: 59.937604, 30.282564
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SOKOS Palace Bridge (CAV13 venue)

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Address: V.O. Birzhevoi pereulok 2–4 (Vasilievsky Island), 199004 St. Petersburg, Russia

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SOKOS Vasilievsky

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Address: V.O. 8 Liniya 11-13, 190034 St. Petersburg, Russia


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Other Accommodation Options

There are several 3-5* hotels and hostels in the area.

You can check the following options:


Vasilyevsky Island (V.O.)

Hotel Address Rooms    Stars    Distance from the Venue
Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge Birzhevoy pereulok 2-4 V.O. 324 5 0 km 
Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky 8-ya Liniya 11-13 V.O. 255 4  1.5 km
Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Vasilievsky Hotel 2-ya Liniya 61/30 V.O. 214 4  1.0 km
Nashotel 11-ya Liniya 50 V.O. 58 4  1.6 km
SpbVergaz Hotel 7-ya Liniya 70 V.O. 20 3  2.2 km
Trezzini Art Hotel Bolshoy Prospekt 21 V.O. 17 3  2.0 km
Castle Hotel 14-aya Liniya 25/27 V.O. 16 3 2.7 km
Shelfort Hotel 3rd Liniya 26 V.O. 15 3 2.5 km
Rinaldi na Vasilevskom 4 Liniya 13 V.O. 9 3 1.2 km


The Center

Hotel Address Rooms Stars
Petro Palace Hotel Malaya Morskaya Str.14 194 4
Golden Triangle Hotel Bolshaya Konushennaya Str.12 47 4
Nevsky Grand Hotel Bolshaya Konyushennaya Str.10 125 3
M-Hotel Krylova Side Str. 2 61 3
Nevsky Aster Bolshaya Konushennaya Str.12 47 3
Acme Malaya Morskaya Str.7 10 3
Yards of Capella Hotel Bolshaya Konushennaya Str.11 10 3
Nevsky 3 Guest House Nevsky Avenue 3 App 10 4 3



Warning: the information on room availability may have changed.

Hostels Address Free Rooms
Na Muchnom Hostel Sadovaya Str. 25 30
Friends on Bankovsky Bankovsky Pereulok 3 25
Hostel on Sadovaya Moskovskii Prospekt 6 12
Soul Kitchen Hostel Junior Naberezhnaya Reki Moiki 62/2 App. 9 10
Friends Hostel on Griboedova Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova 18 6
Taiga Hostel Dvortzovaya Naberezhnaya 20 4
SuperHostel – Pushkinskaya 14 Pushkinskaya Str. 14 4
Good Morning Hostel Nevsky prospekt 74 4
Almaz Hotel Yakubovicha Street 2 4
Nevsky 88 Nevsky Prospekt 88 3
Friends Hostel on Nevsky Nevsky Prospekt 106 3
Dill Hostel Maly Prospekt Perogradskoy Storony 1B 2

Thanks to Alexander Markov for composing the list.