Most CAV participants will need a Russian entrance visa to attend CAV. (Check here, if you need a visa).

CAV will provide visa support with the help of the Russian Academy of Science (Steklov Institute). Please make sure to start the process in time, and have a passport with 6 months validity at the time of travel. The expected time to obtain a visa depends on your citizenship.

As a first step you need a formal document of invitation (see below). With the invitation, you will have to apply through your local Russian consulate.

How to proceed:

  • A. Visa through CAV (recommended). DEADLINE is OVER. To apply, follow this [link] and fill in the form. Depending on your citizenship, you will receive a letter of invitation (see examples) and an instruction how to proceed by mail or email; the visa process may require up to 12 weeks for some countries. You can ask for a free invitation letter already now through this link, even if your travel plans may still change. We strongly encourage you to apply for the invitation letter as soon as possible, but not later than April 15, 2013 (or, till May 15, 2013 for simplified invitations). Once you bring the invitation to the consulate, it will take around 2 weeks to receive the visa.

See the examples of visa invitation letters and their translations.

  • B. Individual application for Tourist visa (note, that in this case you are traveling not as a CAV participant, but as a tourist). For a tourist visa, you need to obtain an invitation from a travel agency or a hotel including the conference hotel (with the reservation). Depending on your country, tourist visas may be significantly faster to obtain, but you should fill out all blanks and documents without mentioning CAV (including at your arrival/departure at the airport).
  • C. Enter by ferry and stay for no longer than 72 hours. Tourists arriving by ferry, e.g., from Finland, to St. Petersburg can enter Russia without a visa if they leave the country within 72 hours. See the details.

Required documents for regular invitations through CAV. If you are applying for a regular visa invitation through CAV, please send a copy of your passport (the double page with your photo) to this address: cav13 at imi dot ras dot ru. The same applies to your accompanying persons; please also send a proof of your family relationship (e.g., the marriage certificate, the birth certificate).

Shall you have any questions, please contact the representatives of the Steklov Institute using this address: cav13 at imi dot ras dot ru. Please check frequently asked questions in Visa FAQ.

Please don’t forget to apply for invitations for all accompanying persons! Use this application form for an [accompanying person].

Holidays and non-working days: Please keep in mind that Russian embassies will have at least five holidays in May (there are only three working days in the first two weeks of May!) and two holidays in June. Check with the holidays and the calendar.